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October 25, 2019

Happy Halloween! Shiver with SmartGames

It's almost October 31st and everyone knows what that means: trick or treat! Are you going to dress up as a giant pumpkin and haunt your neighbourhood? Or will you watch scary movies at home and eat lots of candy?

Make Halloween even more fun and exciting with SmartGames. In this blog you will find four SmartGames that will get you in the mood for Halloween. Do you dare to play one of these scary logic games?

Sleeping Beauty Deluxe

Find Sleeping Beauty's Castle and save Sleeping Beauty! But first find your way through the dark maze and outface the dangerous dragon. Or be a real hero and crawl into the skin of the dragon and take your turn.

Sleeping Beauty Deluxe is a classic thinking game for children from three years. The game contains 60 challenges, 30 with and 30 without the dragon. It also features a picture book with a modern twist on the original story.

Ghost Hunters

Can you catch all the ghosts with your flashlight? Go on ghost hunting in an old, abandoned mansion and find all the ghosts. Place the puzzle pieces with the flashlights in the right place and capture all the ghosts.

Ghosts Hunters is an exciting, compact thinking game for children from six years and older. Discover all the 60 challenges and catch the ghosts in the light!

Magic Forest

When witches fly on their broomsticks, black cats meow and the sky turns black, who dares to enter the magical forest?

Enjoy endless creepy fun with Magic Forest. Build a magical path using the nine magnetic puzzle pieces. This scary, magnetic game is suitable for children from the age of six and contains 48 challenges.

Temple Connection Dragon Edition

Unravel the ancient secret of the temples, and don't wake up any dark spirits. Do not stray and make sure that all roads and bridges are well connected, only then the truth will be revealed.

Have you lost your path? Do not worry, the golden dragon will guide you in this scary temple complex.

Solve the 80 challenges, rebuild the temples and find out what secret is in the temples. Temple Connection Dragon Edition is suitable for children from seven years.

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