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July 17, 2020

Play IQ fit in a very different way

Do you own an IQ- fit?  Probably you play it with the challenges in the box. Did you know that you can also challenge yourself in another way? That goes as follows: take away one pawn and try to fill up the game board with the other pawns. Exciting!

Here is an example and the solution. In this task you put the red pawn away. Can you find the solution below without looking?

Now try to do the same by putting away the following pawns

1) Blue 


2) Dark blue ( two solutions possible)


3) Dark green ( two solutions possible)


4) Light blue (two solutions possible)


5) Orange


6) Orange


7) Pink


8) Purple

9) Red


10) Yellow


The solutions can be downloaded here.

Special thanks to Gilles Brischoux for these additional challenges.

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