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August 03, 2020

Traveling? Take some fun games for in the car

Summer vacation has begun. Are you travelling by car this year? Take some fun games for in the car with you, so your children won’t get bored during the long drive. Each of these games for in the car contains at least 48 challenges ranging from easy to difficult. Good for hours of fun! The price won’t stop you as these magnetic travel games only cost €9,99.

Get a summer feeling in the car with the 'Puzzle Beach' game

During the summer holidays, the beach gets crowded. When you want to get ice cream or need to go to the toilet, you need a sense of orientation. This feeling is reflected in our new magnetic travel or car game 'Puzzle Beach'. In this game, you have to pass by beachgoers and objects to get to the beach toys. 

For players from 6 years old

Children from 6 years on can play this travel game and choose from 48 challenges. The challenges are divided into different levels of difficulty. The player has to place the puzzle pieces in such a way that there is a route to the beach toys. This game is not only fun to play but also stimulates your child to think. 

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